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In status management, you can change the status of a large number of objects that have one status in one step using a mass change. You do this in the overview (all objects that are in the current folder and all the folders below the current folder). This is possible for all folder objects apart from the folder itself.


You have created at least one status profile.

You have assigned the status profile to the objects whose status you want to change.

In addition, all objects whose status you want to change using a mass status change have the same status.


You can group your status objects together by folder and display them like this in the overview. Before you perform the mass status change, you can filter the objects that are to be changed according to their status profile, current status, and object type and then display them.

Once you have performed the status change and provided that a manual status action was created for the relevant status transition, the system displays the status action automatically so that you can adapt it if necessary before it is sent. For more information, see Adapting a Status Action.


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