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After having selected a bucket and chosen Single Review, here is where you can create a single new Review object.  A review is created at a bucket level and is applicable to select items within the bucket. After selecting the bucket in the previous screen, you can provide information about the attributes of the review in the steps below.

To expand/Collapse all trays: 

  1. Click the overlapping triangles icon at the top right.

To expand/Collapse individual trays:

1.       Click icon at the top right of respective tray.

General Information

Here provide the general information for identifying the review.




Review Name


Alphanumeric field

External ID


This is a unique identifier for the review.



Provide description detailing the purpose of the review.

Bucket Name

System Generated

The name of the bucket selected in the previous screen is displayed by the system.

Updated by

Updated by the system

Displays the user who last updated the Review.  During creation, your id would be displayed.

Activated by

Updated by the system

System displays the user who activated the review.



Specify whether the Review is Active or Inactive by selecting from the drop down menu.

Review Date


Specify the date on which the review would be used to monitor the items associated with it.  Enter manually, or use the date picker.

Items for Review

Here you add and delete the items to be reviewed.

Add an Item

1.       Click on the Add Items button.

2.       Use the Search Item to select the item and add to the list. 

Remove a Item:

1.       Click on the box to the left of the item name. 

2.       Click the Remove button. 


Here, you can add and remove users and change their authorizations to access the review. The user creating the review is automatically added with administration rights.

Add a User:

1.       Click on the Add User button. 

2.       Use the Quick look up to select the user and add to the list.

Remove a User:

1.       Click on the box to the left of the User name. 

2.       Click the Remove button.

Change User Authorization

1.       Check appropriate boxes under Admin, Owner, Read or Write. 

2.       Click on the icon to at the top right corner of the tray to display the description of each authorization. 


This is an optional field. You may add comments relevant to the review. The Comments box on the right is updated upon SAVE.

         Click on SAVE button to save the changes and get back to the previous screen.

         Click on Save and Create another button to save the current review and create another one.

         Click on the Previous button to move to the bucket selector screen to select another bucket.  (Any changes not saved will be lost.)

         Click the Cancel button to return to the Reviews dashboard without saving,.

Date Picker

The date picker displays the monthly calendar.

To invoke the Date Picker:

1.       Click on the calendar icon next to a date field, or

2.       Press F4 function key while the cursor is in the date field. 

         To scroll forward or backwards one month at a time, click on the right or left triangle at the top.

         Double click on a date to select it. 

         Click anywhere else on the screen to exit the date picker without making any selection.

Search Items

Here, you can search for Items based on specific criteria.

The selection of the appropriate Item(s) is done in two stages:

  1. Identify the Item.
  2. Add the Item to the list of “Selected Items”.

Identify the Item

To display the rest of the search parameters, in the Search Item screen:

  1. Select the Item Search Help within Portfolio Items. 
  2. This is a full text search. Use of wild characters is permitted. Specifying “*” in any one field, with all other fields blank, displays a complete list of Items. All fields cannot be left blank. You can use any or a combination of the parameters detailed below.



Project Category

Specify the Project Category to which the item belongs by selecting from the drop down list.

Project Subcategory

Specify the Project Subcategory to which the item belongs by selecting from the drop down list. The Project Subcategory list depends on the Project Category selected.

Assessed Risk

Specify the risk value for the item

RPM Location

Specify the location to which the item is associated by selecting from the drop down list.

Project Geography

Specify the Geography to which the item belongs by selecting from the drop down list.

Period Breakdown

Specify the time unit in which the item is evaluated  by selecting from the drop down list.

Base Unit of Measure

Specify the time unit being used as the base measure for the item.

  1. Click the Search button to display the list of Items matching the specified criteria. The triangles at the bottom of the displayed list facilitate scrolling. The three triangles pointing down permit scrolling down one line at a time, one page at a time and to the last page, respectively.  The three triangles pointing up perform the same functions for scrolling upwards.

In order to start another search, either overwrite the above entries and press the Search button, or press the RESET button and enter new search terms.

4.       Add the Item to the list of Selected Items.

Add to list

1.       From the list of displayed Items Select items.

2.       Click on the ADD button to transfer it to the Selected Item list

Remove from list

1.       Select item from the Select Item list.

2.       Click on REMOVE button to remove the selected entry from the list.

3.       After the Select Item list is populated with the correct Items, click on the DONE button on the top left, to add the selected items to the review list.

To leave this activity and return to the previous screen, you may click the CANCEL button at any time.

Select Items

The first column of each row has a checkbox which is used for selecting the Item in that row.

         To select a single Item from a list, click on the corresponding checkbox.

         To select multiple items, hold down the CTRL key and click the checkboxes corresponding to the Items.

         To select a block of items, hold down the SHIFT key and check the first and last Item of the block.


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