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The first step in creating a project is creating a project definition. This is where you define the data for your project. If you use a template, you create a complete project.



     You already defined and released templates, if applicable (see Templates).

     You have authorization for the authorization object CPRO_PTYPE for the project types you want to use.

     You are in the Projects initial view.



       1.      Enter a project number for the new project.

You can enter any string of numbers or characters. The system checks whether the number has been assigned yet.

       2.      Choose a template type (project template or simulation).

For a project template:

     Choose a project type from the dropdown box.

     Select a template.


You can use only templates with the project type you selected in the previous step. You cannot use operational projects as templates.

For a simulation:

     Select a version as the version for copy. The input help displays the simulation versions that are available.

     Select a project number as the template. The input help displays the existing simulation project numbers.

       3.      Enter the original language.

       4.      Choose Create.

The editing screen of the new project appears. You can continue to structure your project here and enter all the necessary data. For more information, see Creation of a Project.

       5.      Save your entries.


Note that the system creates your project only after you have saved the data.


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