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The first screen you see when logging onto cFolders is your home page. Irrespective of which screen you are in, you can choose Home in the menu to return to this initial screen. You can also click the logo in the top left-hand corner of the screen above the menu to return to your home page.

Once you have logged on to cFolders for the first time, you can tailor the home page defined for you by the user administrator to your personal requirements. To do this, choose Settings from the menu, then the General tab page and Home Page and select the home page you want to use from the list in the dropdown box.

The basic layout on every screen is the same.

On the left-hand side of a home page is the overview tree. The home page contains the general functions (such as meetings, notifications, status management, search, user groups, and so on) and the administration functions in which the system settings are made.

The overview tree or the whole screen changes as soon as you create a collaboration in the collaborative scenario or in the competitive scenario, or call a collaboration that already exists. The system now displays the structure of the collaboration. At the top of the overview tree you see the name of the collaboration. When you click on the name of the collaboration here, the system displays the metadata (general data) for the collaboration. You can also add external references and work areas here. Your current location in the tree is shown as an open folder.

The menu contains links to your Favorites and User Settings on the right-hand side.

The lower screen area on the right-hand side is the main interaction area. You current location is always displayed as the current path. You can call each stage of the collaboration again from here.

A red asterisk next to a field (*) indicates that it is a required entry field.


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