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Process documentation Creation of a Project  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      You already defined templates, if applicable (see Templates).

       2.      You created a project definition (see Creating a Project Definition).

Process Flow


       1.      The project lead enters the required data for the project definition (see Creating Basic Data for a Project Definition).

       2.      The project lead structures the project through the project elements.


                            a.      The project lead creates phases and enters the data for the phase.

                            b.      The project lead creates checklists with checklist items and enters the data for the checklist and for the checklist item.

                            c.      The project lead creates tasks and enters the data for the tasks.

       3.      The project lead performs scheduling.

       4.      The project lead creates roles, assigns them to tasks, and then assigns persons to the roles (see Project Resource Planning).

       5.      A project participant creates a control plan for the project (see Creating and Opening a Control Plan).

       6.      A project participant creates object links to the project elements (see Creating an Object Link).

       7.      A project participant assigns documents to the project elements and creates a collaboration in cFolders (see Creating a Collaboration).


The project is available in the system and all of the relevant entries have been made. The project can now be processed (see Editing Project Structures).


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