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You use user groups to grant the same authorizations for a project element to several project participants. You group the project participants together in a user group and assign the group to the project element.

A user group can be made up of both individual project participants and a number of other user groups.


This function is available in the User Groups initial view. The following views are available here:

      The User Groups view displays all the groups to which you are assigned.

      The Favorites view displays all the groups you selected as your favorites.

You can either open the user groups straight from the list or use the appropriate pushbutton. To leave the user group once you have finished editing, choose Start Page.

List of Members

Once you have opened a user group, you can add users to the group or delete users from the group in the left screen area. If you enter incomplete data in the Add screen area and choose Enter, the system checks whether it can assign a unique user or a group and then adds the missing data automatically if possible. You can use placeholders (* and +) here too. A search function is also available.

The system first sorts the list of members alphabetically by surname and then sorts the user groups, also in alphabetical order.

Detail View

On the right side of the screen, you grant the user groups authorization to edit or display the user group. You do this on the Basic Data tab page. You need at least read authorization for a user group to be able to use it in a project.


The authorizations you specify here only apply to the actual user group and not to the project elements to which you assign the group later on.

You can also delete the user group here or add it to your Favorites.

Once you have finished editing the user group, save your entries.


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