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Procedure documentation Accepting a Quotation (CS) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

  1. Call up the service order with quotation in the change mode.
  2. Choose Order ® Functions ® Accept quotation.
  3. The system releases the quotation and the generates a billing request. The service order obtains the status QUAC (Quotation accepted).

    The billing request has the following significance:

    In Sales, a quotation is first considered as accepted when a sales order has been created for a quotation. Upon quotation acceptance, the system creates the sales document that you have specified in the Structure link dynamic item processor profile.

    If you perform resource-related billing, the billing request has no further purpose.

    If you perform flat-rate billing, you create the subsequent billing document on the basis of this billing request.

  4. You process the service order and confirm, for example, the costs.

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