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You can use quotation creation in Customer Service for different scenarios.


You have created a revenue-bearing service order under Logistics ® Customer service ® Service processing ® Order ® Service order ® Create (general). In doing so, you have taken the prerequisites that you described in quotation creation (CS) into account.


Quotation for Customer Service, without service product, billing form Resource-related

  1. You create a quotation for the service order.
  2. To do this, choose Logistics ® Customer service ® Service processing ® Order ® Service order ® Create (quotation).

    The quotation creation initial screen is displayed.

  3. Enter the required data, and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Create quotation.
  4. The system performs the sales pricing and generates a quotation.

    Depending on the settings that you have made for the sales pricing, you reach the change mode of the quotation, or receive the message that the quotation has been successfully generated in the status line. For more information on the settings, see Sales Pricing: Purpose.

  5. Edit the quotation. You can choose between two views for editing:

You can process the costing data in both views and change the views at any time.

  1. Choose Edit ® Save quotation.

The system creates a quotation that you can, for example, send to a customer. The service order obtains the status QUCR (Quotation created) and cannot be released so long as it has this status.

  1. Further processing by the system depends on the settings that you have made. For more information, see Settings in the Sales Pricing.

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