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You can use quotation creation in Customer Service (CS) for different scenarios. The process flow is described using an example scenario and is also valid for the other objects for which you can perform a quotation (with planned resource-related billing).



You have maintained a Structure link Dynamic Item Processor Profile (DIP Profile).

Service Order


If the system differentiates the planned costs (totals records) in the sales price basis according to material and should give a representation specifying quantities, select the following indicators when you create a material:

Process Flow

  1. You create a service order and enter the planned costs in it.
  2. You create a quotation, that is, a sales pricing, for the service order.
  1. When you create a sales pricing, the following occurs:
  1. You can choose between two views for processing:

You can process the costing data in both views and change the views at any time.

  1. You save the quotation.

The service order obtains the status QUCR (Quotation created) and cannot be released so long as it has this status.

  1. You send the quotation to the customer.
  2. If necessary, you confirm the acceptance of the quotation by the customer.


If you confirm the acceptance of the quotation by the customer, the system generates a billing request.

The billing request has the following significance:

For more information about billing, see Structure link Resource-Related Billing (CS).

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