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You send a quotation with planned costs to a customer. The quotation is binding, meaning that the customer will be billed the price agreed upon in the quotation once the services have been performed. The customer accepts the quotation.

Representation in the System

Relevance for Billing

The table describes which objects are relevant for quotation creation in this scenario.

Planned costs are not considered

Relevant for Billing

Not Relevant for Billing

Service Product

Material (planned costs, actual costs)


Working hours (planned costs, actual costs)

Planned costs are considered

Relevant for Billing

Not Relevant for Billing

Material (planned costs)

Material (actual costs)

Working hours (planned costs)

Working hours (actual costs)

Graphical Representation

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


If you copy a service product into the quotation, the quotation price corresponds to the price of the service product.

You can either achieve this by copying the planned costs in the sales price basis at 0% into the quotation, or by assigning a Structure link dynamic item processor profile (DIP profile), that does not determine any costs in the event of a quotation (meaning that you do not specify a source for costs in the DIP profile).

If you copy the dynamic items for the planned costs into the quotation, these then create the price, independent of whether a service product was copied into the quotation.




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