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You can record activities and data belonging to the presales period in the system using inquiries and quotations.

On acceptance of the quotation, you can bill the customer according to the prices stipulated in the quotation (flat rate billing) or using resource-related billing for the services that were performed, or for the materials that were delivered. For more information about billing, see Structure link Billing (CS).

In the component Customer Service (CS), you create quotations using the sales pricing function. In sales pricing, the system condenses information into so-called Structure link dynamic items.


For more information on the prerequisites, see Quotation Creation Process (CS).


Settings in Customizing


Menu path

Maintain DIP profile

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service ® Maintenance and Service Processing ® Basic Settings ® Quotation Creation and Billing for Service Orders ® Profile for Quotation Creation, Billing, Results Analysis.

Maintain sets for DIP profile

Enterprise Controlling ® Profit Center Accounting ® Tools ® Sets and Variables ® Maintain Sets




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