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You use this function to order external materials and resources directly from cProjects through Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). This function is available for project elements and project roles on the Shopping Cart tab page.


The system posts the costs to the relevant account assignment object of the project element. Account assignment objects can be internal orders or WBS elements (see Single-Object Controlling for Internal Orders and Multilevel Controlling). The system posts the recorded time to cProjects according to the settings that were made for time recording using the cross-application time sheet.


      You are using accounting integration.

      You have a user in SRM.

      You activated the Time/Travel Expenses Rec. CATS/SRM/FIN function in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Structure Define Project Types, for recording time for external resources.

      You activated the Shopping in SRM function in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Structure Define Project Types.

      You performed the Specify Source System for SRM Categories activity in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Connection to External Systems SRM Integration.


For more information about the system settings required for using SRM integration, see SAP Note 960237.


To carry out an external order, you create a shopping cart in SRM. You can only request external resources for project roles but you can create material requests for all project elements and project roles.

If you request an external resource for a project role, the system automatically transfers the qualifications of the project role to the description of the shopping cart. It also creates a corresponding resource assignment on the Staffing tab page. You cannot change or delete this manually. You can only delete this resource assignment by canceling the shopping cart to which it belongs. The system transfers the dates for the resource assignment from the shopping cart. If resources in the project role cannot be edited in parallel, the dates may conflict with one another.

You can display shopping carts that exist in SRM from the shopping cart overview. To do this, follow the link in the Shopping Cartcolumn. The SRM application opens in a separate window.

SRM contains all the functions you need for the shopping cart that was created, for example, purchasing, approval, and creating invoices. For more information, see SAP Library under Supplier Relationship Management Service Procurement and Self-Service Procurement.

The Shopping Cart column shows the current status of the shopping cart. The shopping cart has the status In Preparation if no shopping cart has been created for it in SRM. Once a shopping cart exists in SRM too, the shopping cart in cProjects has the status In Process. Once the shopping cart has been delivered, the system automatically sets the status to Delivery Completed. This is also indicated in the Delivered column.

You can also cancel the shopping cart created in cProjects. If you do this, the status in the Shopping Cart column changes to Canceled. You can only cancel it if the shopping cart or parts of the shopping cart have not been delivered yet.


You can create or cancel a shopping cart.

You can staff a task with an external resource.


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