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Function documentation Authorizations in the Competitive Scenario  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In competitive scenarios, authorizations have a special function. In this context, a collaboration includes a Public Area and several Work Areas for vendors or partners. The users that you assign to the work areas automatically have read authorization for the Public Area, so that they can see the bid invitations for which they want to enter bids, for example. The users in one work area do not have read authorization for other work areas, unless you specifically assign this to them.

It is also possible to create guest authorizations for the Public Area. This allows partners or suppliers to view the Public Area only, without having their own separate work areas. If they decide that they are interested in the bid invitations, you can then create a work area for them.

When a document is created in or copied from a Public Area, another area, or another folder, all users who have read authorization for the document can access the latest version of the file at its origin. This enables them to always see the latest version of a document. They cannot, however, directly access the Public Area, Work Area, or folder.



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