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Procedure documentation Opening a Linked Object for Editing  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can edit a linked object by calling the application in the source system from cProjects.


This option is only available if your system administrator made the appropriate settings.


You have opened a project, task, or checklist item from the Projects, Tasks, or Checklist Items initial view and are on the Object Links tab page (see also Opening a Project or Project Version).



       1.      In the structure tree navigate to the project element whose linked object you want to edit.

The system displays all existing object links for this project element.

       2.      Choose Open in the Application column.

       3.      Select the transaction you want to use to edit the object, if required.

The selection appears if there is more than one possible initial access view.

       4.      Log on to the source system.

The system opens the application so you can edit the object in a separate window.

       5.      Edit the object and save your changes.

       6.      Close the window.


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