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Technical Data

Runtime Technology


Technical Name

Available for Portal(Release)

Enterprise Portal 7.0 (SP4)

Data Source

This iView is based on the cFolders Business Server Page (BSP) Application: CFX_RFC_UI                


Available in the package languages




In this iView, you can use the following functions:

        Display a list of the cFolders collaborations from the collaborative scenario, the competitive scenario, and from Standards as well as information about which of these collaborations are assigned to the current room in the SAP collaboration room.

        Change the assignment of cFolders collaborations to a room.

        Create a new cFolders collaboration in the collaborative scenario, competitive scenario, or in Standards, that is then assigned to the room afterwards and supplied with the users of the room (that is, the members of the room are given write authorization for the new collaboration).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The system creates links between the documents in the room and the cFolders collaborations that are assigned to this room.


This iView is only intended for use in the SAP collaboration room. Therefore, you cannot use it in a workset for the SAP Enterprise Portal, but only for worksets that are defined for room templates for the SAP collaboration room.

When you create a room template in which this iView is used, you need the following parameter mapping:

Parameter Mapping for Room Template

iView Parameter

Room Parameter





Further iView Parameter

iView Parameter

Default Value



(This Parameter has to correlate with the configuration of the Repository Manager.







See also “optional settings” in Collborative Scenarios.



         You have installed the SAP collaboration room.

         You have implemented cFolders 4.0.

         The cFolders repository manager from has been installed and configured. For more Information see Integration with WebDAV Client.

         The users of this iView have a role via which they can navigate directly to the collaborative scenarios, competitive scenarios, and Standards iViews. If this is not the Showcase Role supplied with this Business Package, you have to enter the path to these iViews in the configuration of the iView Assign Collaboration, see table above.

For more information about the technical prerequisites, see Technical Description and Configuration Notes.

Optional Settings

The content administrator can change the system property, if necessary.

For more information on changing the system property, see the Optional Settings section under Collaborative Scenarios.


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