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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Java/Web Dynpro (WAS 6.40 and higher)

Technical Name

Available for Portal(Release)

Enterprise Portal 7.0 (SP4)

Data Source ItemDashboardApp


Available in the business package languages




The Item Dashboard iView in the item management context allows you to access, create, update, mass update, move or delete one or more items, depending on the configuration of the dashboard.

        The item dashboard displays a list of portfolio items to which you have access.

        The columns shown in the table depend upon the dashboard configuration.

        Available functions depend on dashboard configuration.

        The number of portfolio items displayed depends on your context. Context means the business area in which you are is presently working. The following views are available per context:

        If you are in portfolio context, the item dashboard shows all the portfolio items in the portfolio.

        If you are in bucket context, the item dashboard shows all the portfolio items in the bucket.

        If you are in review context, the item dashboard shows all the portfolio items in the review.

      You can export data from the item dashboard to Microsoft Excel. To do this, you select the items from the list. Then you click Export to Microsoft Excel to access the Export view. Click TableData.xls.


The Export to Microsoft Excel iView functionality is integrated into the dashboard and some of the tables in SAP xRPM 4.0


      You have configured the dashboard pattern by choosing Portfolio Management Administration Custom Configuration.

        Item dashboard configuration exists and the configuration name has been given as the iView parameter.

        The following two parameters should be set up as application parameters for the Item Dashboard iView:


                            a.      Dashboard configuration name: Specifies the configuration of the dashboard that should be used for this instance of the item dashboard.

                            b.      Item details page link ID: Specifies the item overview page link ID that is used to view the item details page when the item name link is clicked.


You have set up the Proj_Description field as a link in the dashboard configuration for this feature to work

      Export to Microsoft Excel

        Microsoft Excel is installed in the system.

        Dashboard has been configured to have the Export to Microsoft Excel option.


Optional Settings

Item dashboard by default shows the following tab pages:

        Active Items

        Active Proposals

        Active Escalations

        Inactive Items

        All Items

You can configure the proposal and escalations tab pages to be hidden or visible.

Following parameters can be changed in the J2EE administration:


       1.      SHOW_PROPOSALS_TAB

SHOW_PROPOSALS_TAB.fieldLabel=Show or hide Proposals tab


SHOW_PROPOSALS_TAB.description=Property to show or hide Proposals tab in Item dashboard


SHOW_ESCALATIONS_TAB.fieldLabel=Show or hide Escalations tab


SHOW_ESCALATIONS_TAB.description=Property to show or hide Escalations tab in Item dashboard

       3.      SHOW_INACTIVE_TAB

SHOW_INACTIVE_TAB.fieldLabel=Show or hide Inactive Items tab


SHOW_INACTIVE_TAB.description=Property to show or hide Inactive Items tab in Item dashboard

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