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You use this function to create a reference to a checklist template (checklist reference). You can resolve the reference later on so that you include the checklist with the checklist items in your project. The checklist template then becomes the operational checklist in which you can enter operational data, such as dates.


Once you release the corresponding phase, the system resolves the checklist automatically.


You created a checklist template.


        You can display the checklist template in a separate window

        You can resolve a checklist reference

        If you are in an operational project you can resolve the reference. The checklist template is then included in the project structure.

        If you are in a project template, you can select the Resolve Reference indicator to specify that the system resolves the checklist reference straight away if an operational project is created based on this project template. If you do not select the indicator, the checklist reference is transferred to the operational project.

        When you resolve checklist references, the system creates the project roles from the checklist template again by default. This even happens if roles with the same project type and name already exist.

The Use Project Roles function enables you to specify that project roles that already exist are not created again via the checklist template. If it is possible to make a unique assignment, the system assigns the existing project roles to the project elements of the checklist template instead. It is possible to make a unique assignment in the following cases:

        If one role exists in the project that has the same role type as the role in the checklist template.

        If several roles exist in the project that have the same role type as that of the checklist template but the name of one role also matches the name of the checklist role. 


The role attributes from the checklist template, such as the general data, qualification requirements, or staffing are lost when the system transfers the existing project templates.

If it is not possible to make a unique assignment after you have carried out these checks, the system does not transfer the existing roles automatically.


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