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The following statuses exist for checklist templates, project templates, and control plan templates:




What you should know


The template has been created in the system (initial status).

You cannot use templates with this status in cProjects yet. You must release them first.


The template is released for further use.



The template is temporarily protected against changes.

        You can set this status parallel to the status Created or Released.

        If a template is locked, no dependent data (for example, checklist items) can be changed either. The project definition can only be unlocked.


The template cannot be used any more.

For checklist templates:

        You cannot create any new references to templates for which this status is active. Existing references can still be resolved.

        If you set this status, the system warns you if not all the existing references were resolved.

To Be Archived

The template can be archived.

For checklist templates:

This status can only be set if all the references were resolved.


You can only use templates with the status Released to create checklists, projects, and control plans.


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