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You can add availability as a search criterion when combined with qualifications and/or organizational searches.


You cannot perform a search with availability as the sole search criterion.


You are on the Resources Find Resource Availability tab page of the Projects initial view.


You can enter the following search criteria:

     Required capacity

The system uses the Scheduling Engine to check the percentage of the required capacity that a resource can fulfill based on the specified period entered on the General tab page.

     Distribute required capacity

If you want to carry out a search based on rules, you can choose a time pattern for recurring required capacities. For example, you can choose a particular weekday and combine it with a monthly recurrence (for example, the first Monday of each month).


You can only search by rules if you use Workforce Management Core (WFM Core).

     Capacity utilization for the resource

You can select whether only fixed staffings are taken into account in the availability calculation, or whether reservations are also included.


You can only select capacity utilization for the resource as a search criterion if you use WFM Core.

     Minimum availability

You can set the minimum percentage of availability for the resource to be considered as a viable candidate. Only those resources that match the percentage you entered are considered in the availability calculation.


If you leave the field at its default value 0%, the minimum availability is not used as part of the availability calculation.


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