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You can use this process to plan the resource demand on a long-term, strategic basis. To do this, you specify the resource demand along a timeline in corresponding capacity categories. You map operational resource demand to the strategic capacity categories.

As a resource manager, you get an overview about your free and occupied resources. This allows you to add free resources to project roles or projects and to recognize potential future bottlenecks


Process Flow


       1.      You enter the capacity planning data in the Bucket Overview.

       2.      You enter the capacity planning data for an item in the Item Overview.

       3.      You can see an overview of the financial data in the financial planning view. You choose between capacity categories and capacity views.

       4.      You enter or edit financial data and view the chart that gives an overview of all entered data.



The capacity planning allows you the high-level staffing of projects or items. You can push down the specified resource demand in the capacity planning to an operational system where you can assign the actual resources.

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