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Procedure documentation Assigning an Existing Collaboration to a Project Element  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can assign a collaboration or a folder of a collaboration to a project element, or link a collaboration or folder to a project element with a URL.


In Customizing for Collaboration Projects, you selected cFolders in the Collaboration group box under Define Project Types.

You are in the detail view of a project on the Collaborations tab page.



       1.      In the structure tree, select the project element to which you want to assign a collaboration.

       2.      Choose Assign Collaboration.

       3.      Select the target system on which your cFolders application runs under cFolders System.

       4.      You can choose from two options (you can activate the other option by deleting the current selection):

       Assign Collaboration or Folder via Search Help(option 1)

Enter a collaboration or choose one using the search help.

When you confirm the collaboration by choosing Enter, you have the option of assigning a single folder from the collaboration.

       Link Collaboration or Folder via URL (option 2)

Enter the URL for a collaboration or folder.

       5.      Choose Continue.

       6.      Save the project.


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