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        Process classes

Here, you can display all classes that are assigned in this data sheet. You can create new classes or import them from a class system. Only a system or marketplace administrator can connect a class system. The class system must be connected to cFolders.

You can also create a class from scratch. Classes created here do not become part of the specifications until you assign the class to them.

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Note for the system administrator: cFolders does not contain a specific class system. To install a class system on a cFolders system run the program CXM_EASYSPEC_CS_IMPORT.

The following illustrates the use of the parameters of the program CXM_EASYSPEC_CS_IMPORT:

Installing a Class System


Required User Input


No input necessary






Market Place Approved Classes

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When you enter data into a data sheet, you should always ensure that you first choose Confirm and then Save, before you proceed or choose Update, otherwise, any changes are lost.

        Process specifications

Here, you can create and maintain all your specifications.

This is also where you assign classes and values to the characteristics.

        Data sheet overview

This shows you a detailed list of all your specifications, including all assigned values. You can print out this list using the print function in your browser.



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