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After running the search function, the system displays a list of resources that it determined to be suitable candidates on the basis of the search criteria you defined.

The list also contains the resources you have saved as candidates, regardless of their suitability percentage.


The list of search results provides information and functions that can help you as you continue processing.

You can navigate to the detail data of a resource if you require more information.


You define the information that is displayed in the detail data on the General Data tab page in the following Customizing activity: Collaboration Projects Resource Management Business Partner Display Details.

Alongside the General Data for a resource, you can view the Profile Matchup between the person’s qualifications and the qualification requirements.

In the Projects tab page, the system displays an overview of all projects in which the resource is or was involved.

The system also displays each resource’s manager in the search result list. When you have decided on particular resources from the list, you can e-mail the selected resources or their managers to notify them of the project.

You can store resources as candidates or firmly assign them to a project straight from the list.

The list provides a range of sort functions. To use them, choose the header of the column you want to sort. You can also personalize the list to suit your requirements.


The list contains the following information:

        Name of the person

The name is formatted as a link to the resource’s detail data.

        Manager of the resource

        Existing assignments

The system indicates whether the resource is already assigned to the project or designated as a candidate.

        Organizational unit

        Suitability percentage

        Availability and capacity utilization, taking account of the reservations and fixed staffing.

Note that the availability can comprise only the fixed staffing or the fixed staffing plus reservations. This depends on the selection criterion you entered in the Availability tab page.


The availability is displayed only if you use the Workforce Management (WFM) Core Scheduling Engine.


See also:

        Resource Search.



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