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Process documentation Editing Project Structures  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

General Functions for Editing Project Structures

      If you have administration authorization for a project, you can cut, copy, and paste project elements using the appropriate pushbuttons when editing project structures. Each pushbutton is only active if it is possible to carry out the function for the project element you are processing in the structure.


You have cut a checklist item and want to insert it somewhere else. This function is only available if you are in a checklist because checklist items can only be found below checklists.

      To get a better overview, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Position to change the structure tree so that the project element that has been selected appears at the top. To display the rest of the structure above the selected element again afterwards, you can scroll to the top of the structure.

Basic Functions

Recording Changes


Graphical View

Multilingual Capabilities

Printing an Object

Lock Logic

Table View


Project Planning

Maintaining a Project Element

Deletion of Objects

Editing the Relationship Between Tasks


Releasing Project Elements

Import and Export of Data


Confirming Checklist Items

Confirming Tasks


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