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This workset contains iViews that you can use to access data in Collaboration Folders (cFolders) and to edit this data. It supports you in the Design Collaboration area in product development and helps to make accessible, to your entire company, information about both cross-departmental cooperation between partners and suppliers within the enterprise and cooperation between partners and suppliers in different enterprises.


You have installed all the necessary programs and systems.


The cFolders workset contains the following pages for access to the relevant cFolders functions:

Collaborative Scenarios with the iView:

      Collaborative Scenarios

Competitive Scenarios with the iView:

      Competitive Scenarios

Standards with the iView:


Meetings with the iView:


Received Notifications with the iView:

      Received Notifications

Sent Notifications with the iView:

      Sent Notifications

Status Management with the iView:

      Status Management

Search with the iView:


User Groups with the iView:

      User Groups

User Administration with the iView:

      User Administration

Network Administration with the iView:

      Network Administration

cFolders Administration with the iView:

      cFolders Administration

About cFolders with the iView:

      About cFolders

For more information about the listed iViews, see the individual iView documentation.


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