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If tasks or phases of a project are influenced by another task (original task) in a different project, the project leader of the dependent project must be informed about changes made to the original task. You can include the original task as a mirrored task in the structure of the existing project, for this purpose.

The following graphic explains the scenario:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The system transfers the earliest start date of the original task from those determined by the system as the fixed start date for the mirrored task and the latest finish date of the finish dates determined by the system as the fixed finish date for the mirrored task.


Earl./Latest Start: 7th March / 4th March

Earl./Latest Finish: 1st April / 29th March

Fixed dates of the task: 4th March – 1st April

If the dates for the mirrored task are outside the limits of the superior project element, the system issues a warning.

If you create relationships between the mirrored task and other tasks, the mirrored task dates influence the dates of the linked tasks when scheduling.


        Your system administrator has permitted the use of mirrored tasks for the current project type (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects, IMG activity Define Project Types).

        You need at least display authorization for the original task to be able to create a mirrored task. To display the original task, you also need display authorization for the project definition to which the original task belongs.

        Note the prerequisites under Alerts if you want the system to be able to inform the responsible persons about changes.


You can make the following changes to the mirrored task:

        Enter a name

        Change authorizations

        Set a manual severity

        Edit relationships with other tasks

        Delete mirrored tasks

This also deletes the link to the original task.

The data of the original task is visible in the dependent project but you cannot change it. Even if you have authorization to make changes in the original task, you still cannot change the data.

If the original task has subtasks, they are not visible here.

If the dates of the original task change or if the original task is deleted, the person responsible for the project element to which the mirrored task is assigned is informed. The person responsible for the original task is only informed when the mirrored task is created and deleted.


To create a mirrored task, proceed as follows:


       1.      In the project structure, navigate to the project element below which you want to create a mirrored task.

       2.      Choose Mirrored Task in the dropdown box above the structure tree and then choose Create.

The mirrored task appears with the following icon in the project structure: This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Mirrored Task

       3.      Assign an original task.


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