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If you activate the Subscribe function for any object, you are automatically informed about changes made to that object by means of a notification in your notification inbox (Received Notifications).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you also want to be informed about changes made to an object by e-mail, choose Settings from the menu and then the Notifications tab page and select the frequency with which you want to be informed from the Receive Notification as E-Mail dropdown box. The frequencies are Never, Immediately, Daily, orWeekly.


You have to set the Subscribe indicator in the screen for the object to which you want to subscribe.

You must have at least read authorization for the object to be able to subscribe to it.

In order to be able to be notified about changes by e-mail, your network administrator must have set up your system so that you can receive notifications via your e-mail client software and have chosen Activate Summary E-Mails in the Network Administration function on the Notifications tab page.


Subscribing to a folder enables you to receive updates about all changes made there, such as changes to a document within the folder.


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