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Process documentation Standards  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Standards enables you to store and manage folder objects used by default in separate collaborations. In practice, a folder object of this kind could be, for example, the “General Terms and Conditions” document that you regularly append to another object, for example, the categorized document “Contract” as a link.


To display and use Standards, choose Settings in the menu and set the Standards indicator on the General tab page.

Process Flow

You can create, change, delete, and archive collaborations in Standards These collaborations mostly behave in the same way as those in collaborative scenarios, except for one difference: You can link objects that you created in any of the collaborations in cFolders (or imported from the back-end system) to another object in a Standards collaboration. Therefore, objects that you want to link to each other no longer have to be in the same work area. The target object of a link can then either be in Standards or in the same work area as the source object. The following objects can be linked to other objects:


        Bills of materials


        Categorized documents

        Generic objects

You can link these objects to all folder objects (in Standards):



        Data sheets



        Bills of materials


        Generic objects

However, you cannot link these objects to a folder itself.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you want to link objects in Standards and choose them from the search help, enter one or more search items, choose Search in: Standards and Current Work Area from the list in the dropdown box and then New Selection. To create the link, select the required object in the Select Documents list and choose Select.


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