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Before you can begin the approval process you must create an approval, for example, to determine decision makers.


        You created project roles (see Creating a Project Role).

        You opened a project for processing (see Opening a Project or Project Version).

        The phase type of the relevant phase requires an approval (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Structure Define Phase Types).

        You selected a phase in the structure tree of the project and are on the Approval tab page.



       1.      Choose Create.

The system offers you the required entry fields. The system automatically enters the approval version: You cannot change it.

       2.      Enter a name for the approval and add a comment as required.

       3.      Go to the Decision Maker tab page and choose Add.

       4.      Select the project role you want to add as the decision maker.


Note that you can only specify roles to which a person with a user name has been assigned as decision makers. You cannot specify an organization as the decision maker. The Decision Maker dropdown box contains all project participants who match these criteria.

       5.      Select a person as the Decision Maker.

You can also assign the decision maker at a later date. However, you must have assigned a person by the time you want to begin the approval.

       6.      Choose Transfer.

The system enters the role and the assigned person as the decision maker. You can change the person at a later date.

       7.      Add other decision makers, as required.

       8.      Save your entries.


The approval is created. Once all prerequisites have been met, you can begin the approval.


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