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Changing the Logon Language


       1.      Check whether your cProjects URL contains a language parameter (for example, sap-language=DE). If so, use this parameter to change the language (for example, to sap-language=EN).

       2.      If your cProjects URL does not contain a language parameter, change the logon language using the language settings in your browser.

Proceed as follows in the Microsoft® Internet Explorer:


                            a.      Choose Tools Internet Options Languages.

                            b.      Add the language you require to the list.

                            c.      Move the language you want to log on in to the first position in the list.

                            d.      If you are already logged on, you must first exit the application and log on again before the new settings take effect.


We recommend that you use the URL parameter if you want to change the language for a short amount of time and adjust your browser settings if you need to change the language long term. Note that the browser language then only applies if the URL does not specify a language. For more information, see Multilingual Capabilities.

Entering and Translating Language-Dependent Texts

If you want to create or display texts in a different language, choose the required language in the maintenance view of an object from the Language dropdown box (upper right-hand corner).

If you want to translate the language-dependent text in a project element into another language, proceed as follows:


       1.      Select the target language in the Language field.

The system hides the Original Language pushbutton.

       2.      Show the original text by choosing Original Language.

The system displays the original text in a special area. You cannot edit this text.

       3.      Translate the text in the General area.

       4.      Close the original text by choosing No Display from the Language dropdown box in the area where the original text is located.



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