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cProject Suite

SAP supports three installation variants for the cProject Suite:

     Installation of cFolders and cProjects within the intranet
For internal collaboration only.

     Installation of cFolders and cProjects outside the intranet (usually DMZ/demilitarized zone)
Mainly for external collaboration. This installation is not recommended by SAP for security reasons.

     Installation of cFolders outside the intranet (usually DMZ/demilitarized zone) and cProjects within the intranet
This scenario is highly recommended by SAP. It should be chosen if cProjects is being used for internal project management and cFolders for secure collaboration with external partners.


The term DMZ is used here in a very general way. More precisely, cFolders or cProjects should be installed in a different network segment to the intranet, which is easier to reach from the Internet. Usually only reverse proxies and firewalls are located in the DMZ itself.

For more information, see the Master Guide for mySAP PLM Using cProject Suite 4.00 on SAP Service Marketplace at mySAP Business Suite Solutions mySAP PLM using cProject Suite 4.00 cProject Suite 4.00: Master Guide in the “Technical Implementation” section.

Installation Scenarios

All the following installation scenarios can be used for cFolders. Scenarios A and B only can be used for cProjects:

     Scenario A: no content server

     Scenario B: one hidden content server

     Scenario C: one public content server

     Scenario D: content servers in different locations, one Internet gateway or multiple Internet gateways

     Scenario E: installation of cFolders 4.00 on top of ECC 6.00

Installation scenario B, with one hidden content server, is the installation scenario with the highest level of security.


In cFolders and cProjects, there is no fixed port for communication and the firewall settings described in the SAP Web AS Security Guide apply. For more information, see SAP Service Marketplace at SAP Basis / Web AS SAP Web Application Server Security Guide (ABAP + JAVA) SAP Web AS Security Guide for ABAP Technology in the section “Network Security for SAP Web AS ABAP”.

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For information about network security for xRPM, see the Security Guide for the Web Application Server.

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