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You can enter the qualifications of resources as selection criteria.



The system automatically displays all qualifications entered so far for the role and the tasks assigned to this role. See Definition of Qualifications. The icons by the qualifications indicate whether the qualification comes from the task definition or project role definition. If a task and a project role both have the same qualification, the qualification is displayed only once. The system then displays both the task icon and the role icon. When summarizing the same qualifications, the system always adopts the highest proficiency. Even if the same qualification is an essential requirement in only one of the two objects (indicated in the Mandatory field), the qualification as a whole is mandatory.



You are in the Projects initial view on the Resources tab page and have chosen Resource Search and then the Qualifications tab page.



You can add additional qualifications for the search or delete qualifications locally.


Any changes that you make to qualifications in the resource search are temporary and apply only to the search, that is, they are not transferred to the qualifications in the task definition or project role definition.

If you have changed the qualifications, you always have the option of restoring them to their original state. To do this, choose Restore. The system then displays the qualifications from the task definition and project role definition again.

You can specify a minimum suitability percentage in the selection criteria. The system calculates a resource’s suitability percentage from the difference between the required proficiency of a qualification and the degree to which the resource fulfills this. Note that in Resource Management, alternative qualifications are not taken into account in the calculation of the suitability percentage. For more information, see Suitability Percentage.

In the search results list, the system always displays a resource's over-qualification as a 100% suitability.





       1.      Select the project role for which you want to find resources.

       2.      Check whether you want to use all qualifications for tasks and roles as search criteria. If not, delete the ones you do not require.

       3.      Check the proficiencies and mandatory qualification requirements.

       4.      If required, enter additional qualifications by expanding the qualifications catalog and selecting the required qualification(s). Then choose >> (Add Selected Qualification to Qualification Requirements).

You can also use the search function to do this:

Make an entry in the Search Term field and choose Search. The system displays a search results list from which you can select the qualifications you require.

       5.      Specify the required proficiency for each qualification.


Any changes that you make to qualifications in the resource search are temporary and apply only to the search. They cannot be saved. When you exit the resource search, the qualifications are reset to their initial value, that is, only qualifications for roles and tasks are displayed the next time they are called.

       6.      If required, enter additional selection criteria on the General, Organizational Structure, and Availability tab pages.

       7.      To run the search, choose Search.





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