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You can use this process to compare portfolio items in a scoring model based on quantitative key performance indicators. This enables decision makers to make educated decisions on portfolio items. For the aggregation of data, you can implement different scoring models.

The quantitative scores of a scoring model are retrieved either from portfolio item attributes or can be filled by results of questionnaires.

Based on questionnaires, you can use qualitative criteria to get numerical scores for risk, strategic fit, feasibility, and other types of soft data of portfolio items.


You have defined scoring models and questionnaires in the back end in Customizing by choosing SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) Global Customizing Process and Service Settings Define Questionnaires and Define Scoring Models.

You have assigned scoring models and questionnaires in the front end.

Process Flow


       1.      As the bucket manager, you assign questionnaires and scoreboards for a bucket.

       2.      The system assigns these questionnaires and scoreboards to each item within the bucket.

       3.      In the Questionnaire iView the project manager chooses a questionnaire.

       4.      The system displays the table with the questionnaire results and their score.



The system has calculated a score for an item or attribute based on a scoring model that you have defined previously in Customizing.


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