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Web Applications Reporting Cockpit (Review Item)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Java/Web Dynpro (WAS 6.40 and higher)

Technical Name

Available for Portal(Release)

Enterprise Portal 7.0 (SP4)

Data Source AnalyticsApp


Available in the business package languages




This iView allows you to view several charts and tables related to item reviews. The charts and tables offer different views on the same list of items. This iView is a reporting cockpit for reviews, at item level.

To navigate to this iView, choose Portfolio Management Item Management. In the Item Dashboard view, select an item. Then choose Reviewsor my Reviews. Select a review, then choose Reporting Cockpit. This opens the reporting cockpit screen for item reviews.


        The Reporting Cockpit (Review Item) iView reads application parameter “CockpitConfig”, which points to a Cockpit configuration. That configuration must exist and must be valid.

        You have defined the charts and tables for the Reporting Cockpit by choosing Portfolio Management Administration Custom Configuration.

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