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Object documentation Data Sheet  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Data sheets are structured documents made up of specifications that contain classes and characteristics for any product or collaboration.


In cFolders you can create and make changes to the data sheet online. 

Data sheets can contain classes you created, or classes from a class system that is integrated into cFolders. Data sheets are based on assignments of characteristics of the types number value (Number), alphanumeric entry (Character String), and list (Value List). The data sheet represents the detailed requirements for the components that are to be produced or procured during the collaboration. You can also upload existing specifications to cFolders for the assignment of a class to the relevant specification.

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When you enter data into a data sheet, you should always ensure that you first choose Confirm and then Save, before you proceed or choose Refresh, otherwise, any changes are lost.

Data Sheet in the Competitive Scenario

Using data sheets ensures that all bids submitted by bidders are clearly structured and easy to compare.


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