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Function documentation Favorites  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this function in both of the following situations:

       1.      You require certain cFolders objects frequently. You create links to these objects to access them quickly. These object links are then listed under Favorites .

       2.      You process document files online, that is, in the activated cFolders Plug-In. Each file that you check out for processing is automatically added as a link under Favorites in the Overview of Checked Out Documents.


To stored checked-out documents in the Favorites, in the menu under Settings on the tab page General under Special Functions, you must set the indicator for Plug-In.


       3.      Object links can be created as a list in the Favorites for the following objects:


        Area (public area and work area)

        Folder and subfolder

        All folder objects

The object links are itemized separately according to their collaboration relevance.

       4.      Links to checked-out files in the Favorites are only possible for documents (because only these can be checked out).


       5.      To create object links in the Favorites for cFolders objects, go to the screen of the object in question (for example, data sheet), and choose Add to Favorites.

       6.      To check out documents for online processing and to find the link in Favorites or continuing processing after the work has been interrupted, go to the overview screen of the document and choose Checkout.


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