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In this iView you can create a dependency for an item.

You create a new item dependency by choosing Portfolio Management or Item Management. In the item dashboard, click the item that will be the successor in this new dependency. Then choose Dependencies and, under Item Dependencies, choose Create New.


You create a new dependency as follows:


       1.      You must make entries in the following fields under General Information:


        External ID

        Dependency Type

For more information about the dependency types, see Item Dependencies.

       2.      Under Current Item Dependency (Predecessor), you enter the predecessor by choosing Select.

       3.      In the Search Item pop-up, you can search for a single item by ID/Name, Schedule, Location/Geography, or Other Data.

       4.      You enter a suitable search string and choose Search.

       5.      Under Search Results, select the item you want and choose Add. Finally, choose Done.

       6.      You can now carry out the following:


        Save and Create Another


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