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Procedure documentation Creating a Groupware Task  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


After staffing a project role with a resource, you can send a groupware task to the resource's mailbox. The groupware task contains information about the time frame and the required capacity of the staffing.


      You have imported cProjects to SAP CRM 5.0.

      You are using Workforce Management (WFM) 2.0.

      You are in the Projects initial view on the Resources Staffing tab page.




       1.      Select the resource in the staffing list.

       2.      Choose Send E-Mail.

       3.      Edit the required groupware task.

       4.      Choose Send.

       5.      Save your data.


Once you have saved, the system sends the data from the project role (required capacity and time frame) as a groupware task to the resource's mailbox. The resource can now create concrete appointments from this groupware task.





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