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Procedure documentation Making User Settings  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You are in the User Settings area.

Making General Settings


       1.      Select the processing mode you want to set as default for opening projects.

If you open a project element in the Display processing mode, the system does not set a lock indicator and other project participants can edit the project.

       2.      Under Earl./Lst Dates, choose whether the system should display the earliest or latest dates in the Gantt chart.

       3.      If applicable, select a date type.

The date type is only relevant if you use object links. It affects how the dates of the SAP objects are displayed in the graphical view.

If you want to hide the user-specific header area in the application, deselect the Display Header indicator.


If you are using cProjects via SAP NetWeaver 2004s, the Display Header indicator is hidden because the system uses the header area of the portal by default.

       4.      Decide whether you want to display the Change Documents tab page and select or deselect the Display Change Documents indicator accordingly.

       5.      If you want to adjust the width of the structure tree, enter the required number of pixels under Tree Width (Px):. The system uses this value for the width of the structure tree in the table and detail views.

       6.      Specify whether you want to use the Scroll Table function in the table view by selecting or deselecting the indicator accordingly.

       7.      Choose whether you want to view and edit your project texts in the original language or in the logon language and make the default setting in the Project Texts: dropdown box (see Multilingual Capabilities).

       8.      Save your settings.

Setting Default Values


       1.      Select the values cProjects displays by default when you create a project.

       2.      Save your entries.

Making User Settings


       1.      Enter your user data in the Own Data area or edit the data there.

       2.      Choose the time zone, the required date format, and the decimal point format.

       3.      Save your data.

       4.      If you want to change your password, enter your old password in the Password field in the Password Change area.

       5.      Enter your new password in the New Password field and again in the Repeat Password field.

       6.      Save your new password.

Making Technical Settings


       1.      In the URL Info. Page field, enter the absolute URL you want to view in the user-specific screen area.


Some pages cannot be viewed within the application, but are displayed as full screens instead. As a result, the system immediately jumps to the page you specified when you call cProjects.


Do not enter cProjects itself as a URL. By doing so you create an infinite loop, causing the application to call itself again and again.


In either case, you are no longer able to change the URL in the application. Only your system administrator can reset the setting.


You see the URL Info. Page field only if your system administrator specified that you can enter your own URL. For more information about setting up the URL, see Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Basic Settings Make General Interface Settings.


       2.       Decide whether you want to create a new version of a document or whether you want to overwrite the existing version when you upload documents. Make this default setting in the dropdown box. You can change this setting each time you upload a document if need be.

To close the User Settings area, choose Close.


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