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In cFolders you can download and upload documents individually (Individual Transfer of Documents) or in bulk (mass transfer of documents), and check out documents for editing online.

The mass transfer function in cFolders allows you to:

·        Download several files from a folder in cFolders to a folder on your local directory

·        Upload several files from a folder on your local directory to a folder in cFolders

This does not have to be done for each file individually.


To use the mass transfer function and to check out documents for editing online, you must install and activate a plug-in on your front-end system. You can activate the plug-in by choosing Settings B tab page General, and then set an indicator in the Activate Plug-In.


The mass transfer of documents includes the following two sub functions:

Mass Download

When you use the mass download function, the current version of each cFolders document that you have selected is downloaded to your local directory. The current file name of each document is used:

·        If a file of this name already exists in your local directory, the file is overwritten.

·        If files with the same file name are downloaded, for example, two files that are called "cFolders.doc", both are transferred, however, one overwrites the other one.

To download documents, you need read authorization for the folder in cFolders.

Mass Upload

When you use the mass upload function, files in your local directory that you have selected are uploaded to the folder you selected in cFolders:

·        If the file is new, that is, if there is no document of that name in your folder in cFolders, the cFolders system creates a new document there.

·        If the name of the file that you want to upload is the same as the one already in your folder in cFolders, there are three possible ways for the system to behave. Before you upload any files, therefore, the system asks you to decide which of the following strategies you want to use:

                            a.      Create new version

The system creates a new version in the cFolders document itself.

                            b.      Create a new cFolders document

The system creates a new document with a name derived from the file name.

                            c.      Overwrite a document

The system overwrites the document with the uploaded file. If there is more than one file in your cFolders folder with the same name, the first one is overwritten.

To use strategies a. and c., you need write authorization for the documents. To use strategy b., you need authorization to create documents and write authorization for the folder.


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