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The following information is of interest to programmers only*

The cFolders Application Programming Interface (API) is used to integrate the cFolders system with other systems (called backend systems from here on) so that documents and structures can be exchanged between a backend system and the cFolders system. An example of an application that uses API is the cFolders back-end integration for SAP R/3 4.6B or a higher release.


The API works via RFC function modules. These enable the cFolders system to be called via RFC. You access it via a different SAP system or via the internet with http/https XML – SOAP.



The authorizations for the API are the same as those for the user interface. That is, everything a user is authorized to do with the user interface, is also possible with the API. Likewise, anything a user is not authorized to do with the user interface, is also not allowed with the API.


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