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You use this function to staff project roles according to their status using a resource management application outside the project.


If staffing managers and candidate managers use the extended staffing process, they access the project roles from the Resources initial view. You activate this initial view in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Basic Settings Define Initial Views for cProjects.


You use the staffing process for all project roles for which you set the Staffed by Resource Manager via Responsible Organization option for the project role type in Customizing for Collaboration Projects, by choosing Resource Management Basic Settings for Project Roles Define Project Role Types. Only then does the Staffing Process tab page become visible for this project role.


Unlike direct staffing, the staffing process is divided into different phases in which different persons responsible take over the processing of the project role. The following table shows these different phases:




Performed By


Staffing in Preparation

Project lead


Staffing in Process

Staffing manager or candidate manager


Staffing Complete

Project lead




Performed By

Manager Activities

System Actions

Staffing in Preparation

Project lead

Enters the initial project parameters.

Enters requirements for project roles.

Sets the status of the project role to Staffing in Process.

Adds a message to the project role (optional).

Project role opened with automatically set status Staffing in Preparation.

Staffing in Process

Staffing manager

Takes responsibility for staffing through Staffing Process tab page.

Adds a message to the project role (optional).

Can make changes to time frame and capacity for existing staffings.

Assigns resources to project roles.

Advertises unstaffed project roles (those roles for which the Vacant indicator is selected on the General tab page) in a marketplace in the Enterprise Portal.

Enters a note for each staffing or candidate (optional).

Sets access to the General tab page to read-only except for the Vacant field and the project description.

Deactivates the Qualifications and Tasks tab pages.


Candidate manager

Takes responsibility for finding candidates through Staffing Process tab page.

Adds a message to the project role (optional).

Performs resource searches based on new or changed project or role criteria.

Chooses candidate(s) to add to candidate list.

Deletes undesirable or unsuitable candidates.

Enters a note for each candidate (optional).

Staffing manager

Approves candidates and assigns them to the appropriate project roles.

Deselects the Vacant indicator for the relevant project role on the General tab page.

Staffing Complete

Staffing manager

Ends the staffing process for the project role by setting the status to Staffing Complete.

Saves the entries.

Sets access to all information for this project role to read-only access. The project lead can set the status back to In Process.


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