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Depending on whether you want to perform costing based on tasks or based on roles, you assign a cost/revenue rate to the tasks or the project roles or resources for which you want to perform costing.


For more information about how cost and revenue rates affect costing, see Costing Logic.



       1.      Your system administrator activated accounting integration for the project type of the current project. The tab page for accounting integration is then visible in cProjects.

Role-Based Scenario:

       2.      You are on the Resources tab page of a project and have selected a role. You can enter the cost/revenue rate on the Costing tab page.

Task-Based Scenario:

You are on the Structure tab page of a project and have selected a task. You can enter the cost/revenue rate on the Additional Data tab page.


When you create a new task or project role, the system reads as the default value, the cost or revenue rate valid at the time the task or role begins, for the task type or project role type from Customizing. You can select a different rate and enter a different revenue or different costs. This enables you to agree on individual rates with your customers.

If you entered a responsible organizational unit for your project and a special cost or revenue rate exists for this project in Customizing for Collaboration Projects, costing uses this rate. If you have not defined a special rate, the general rate is used.


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