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     Your system administrator allows versions to be used for the current project type (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects, IMG activity Define Project Types).

     You have administration authorization for the project or project template for which you want to create simulations or snapshots.

If you create a simulation without a template, you only need the general authorization for creating projects.

     You created a version (see Work with Versions).



Note the following:

If you create simulations or snapshots for a project that is linked to another project (program, master project for a subproject, or a project with a mirrored task), the link is copied and refers to the linked operational object. If, for example, you create a simulation of a program, the simulation is also assigned the operational projects that belong to the program. In the same way, the simulation of a master project is assigned the link to the operational subproject.

If you create a project version for a project that is the target of a project link, the system does not copy the link. This applies to the following projects:

      Part of a program


      Project that contains an original task for a mirrored task

For more information about linked projects, see Multi-Project Management.


Creating Simulations and Snapshots from the Initial View


       1.      Open the Versions initial view.

       2.      Select the version type you want to create.

       3.      Choose Create.

       4.      Enter the version for which you want to create a project version.

       5.      Enter the following data:

For snapshots:

The project number of the project for which you want to create the snapshot.

For simulations:

     The project number you want to assign to the simulation

     The template type you want to use

If you choose No Template, you create a simulation manually. Therefore, this simulation does not contain any data. You can enter a project type straight away or after you created the simulation.

If you choose Project, Project Template, or Simulation, you create a simulation with all the data and the project type of the template. When you choose Project, you create the simulation for the operational project you chose as the template.

       6.      Choose Create.

       7.      Once you have created a simulation, change the data if necessary and save the simulation.

The system saves a snapshot automatically because you cannot change any data here.

Creating Simulations and Snapshots from Project Processing


       1.      Open the Project Versions tab page in your project.

       2.      Choose the Snapshots or Simulations tab page.

       3.      Choose Create and enter the data.

       4.      Choose Continue.

       5.      Save the project.


You created a project version. For a simulation you automatically keep the administration authorization. For a snapshot the system copies the authorizations from the operational project.

You can make changes to a simulation. You can also perform a reconciliation and a comparison.

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