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Procedure documentation Deleting a Task Assignment  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this function to delete the assignment of a task to a project role.


This function deletes the assignment of the task to the project role, it does not delete the entire task from the system.


If you are using the Workforce Deployment Server (WFD Server), deleting the task from the project role does not have any effect on the availability you specified when creating the tasks. 


·        You have administration authorization for the task whose assignment you want to delete.

·        You are in the Projects initial view. Select a task here and then choose one of the following paths:

¡        Structure tab page Roles

¡        Resources tab page Tasks

·        If you are using the staffing process, you are in the status Staffing in Preparation.




       1.      In the area on the left, select the project role or task for which you want to delete the assignment.

       2.      In the upper right area select the tasks or roles whose assignment you want to delete.

       3.      Choose Delete Assignment.

       4.      Save your data.


You want a lead consultant, and not the project lead as originally planned, to carry out the task Create Project Plan.

This means that you first have to delete the task assignment to the project lead. You then reassign the task to the lead consultant.


See also:

·        Assigning Tasks/Project Roles


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