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On the Substitute initial screen, you can enter a substitute to cover, for example, the time when you are on vacation, for each project to which you are assigned by means of a role. The same prerequisites apply to the list of your projects as to the project list. Your substitute is assigned the same authorizations as you. The cover applies until you delete the name of the substitute from the list of substitutes.

When you create or delete a substitute, the system sends an e-mail to the substitute and to the person responsible for whom the substitute will cover.

As the substitute, you can see the projects for which you are acting as substitute in the Projects, Tasks, or Checklist Items initial views when you choose the Substitutes view from the dropdown box.


The system can only send an e-mail if an e-mail address has been entered in the user master data of the appropriate project participant.



The system only displays a project in the project list on the Substitute tab page if you have at least read authorization for the project definition, you are participating in the project, and your business partner is linked to your user. For more information, see SAP Note 999529.


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