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Procedure documentation Working with Documents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


When you choose to see the file of a document, a new browser window is always opened.

Note that the correct software for viewing documents must be installed on your computer. For example, your browser may be capable of displaying *.JPG files, but you may need additional software for displaying *.DOC files.

Redlining functions are also available for certain file types. For more information, see Engineering Client Viewer.


You can create categories for the object type document, for example, the category certificate. A document category is a document with additional data. Document categories can have their own names, instead of the standard name document, and their own icons. For example, a certificate might have the additional data pupil, teacher, or the date the certificate was issued, and it might contain a file related to the subject of the certificate, for example, a thesis.

Document categories can only be created by system administrators. For more information about document categories, see the configuration guide on the SAP Service Marketplace under B Installation and Upgrade Guides B mySAP PLM using cProject Suite 3.10 B Collaboration Folders (cFolders): Configuration Guide.

If your system administrator has defined categories for documents, you can select one of these from the dropdown list Categorization on the screen for creating documents.

It is not possible to change the document category after you have created a document using this category.

For more information about authorizations for document categories, see Field Group Authorizations: Gen. Objects and Doc. Categories.


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