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The File Storage function (which you access from the overview tree) handles integration in existing file transfer infrastructures. One example of this is the tool Odette (OFTP), which is widely used in the automobile industry.


To enable use of file storage, the cFolders system administrator must set up a connection between the chosen external tool and an FTP server. The FTP server is the actual file storage repository. On this server, under a configurable start path (Start Path to Server), a directory is created for each user. This folder contains an Inbox from which you can check in files to cFolders and an Outbox to which you can check out files in cFolders. The user directory name also contains the cFolders system name and client. As soon as file storage is activated in your cFolders system, each user can individually decide whether to use this function.


If file storage is activated, the user can use the following additional functions:

        When users create a new document (or insert a file in an existing document), they can either directly upload a local file or select a file from the Inbox. The inbox shows an overview of all files in the incoming directory on the FTP server. The file keeps the file name shown in the inbox. (The document name is assigned by the user who creates the document.)

        On the overview screen of the document versions, you can choose the functions Overwrite from File Storage (External Tool) and Copy to File Storage for the current file version. When you copy to the file storage, the file in the outbox is created in the file storage with the original file name (the file name of the current cFolders document version).

        When users create a new document version, they can select the file for the new version from the file storage (same as when creating a new document).

        On the detail screen of the individual document versions, you can execute the function Copy to File Storage (External Tool).

        When users choose the File Storage function from the overview tree, they can see the contents of their Inbox and Outbox and can organize the FTP directories, for example, by deleting individual entries.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

When exporting to the Outbox, existing files with the same name are overwritten without a confirmation prompt.


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