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If you have found a suitable resource for a project role in your project, you can first reserve the resource for the role. You may want to do so, for example, if you do not yet have a contract for the project or the resource's manager has not yet approved the assignment.


You are on one of the following tab pages of the Projects Resources initial view:

·         Staffing, in the Select Resource group box

·         Staffing, in the Candidate group box

·        In the Search Result in the Resource Search



       1.      Staff the required project role with the resource of your choice as described in Staffing Project Roles with Resources.

       2.      Select the Res. checkbox. The resource staffing is only reserved, not fixed.

       3.      Save your data.

If you subsequently want to assign a reserved resource, you only have to deselect the checkbox.


The resource is reserved for the project role.



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