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Function documentation Deletion of Project Versions  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this function to delete snapshots and simulations.


You can only delete project versions if archiving has not been activated in the relevant version. If archiving has been activated in the version, you can only delete the project versions via archiving:

        Deleting project versions with an operational project or a project template

When you archive a project, the system checks whether project versions exist for this project that have been marked as relevant to archiving. If such project versions exist, the system archives them together with the operational project or the project template.

If project versions exist for the operational project or template that is being archived, that are not relevant to archiving, the system deletes the project versions with the archiving deletion run.

        Deleting project versions without an operational project or project template

If you want to delete a project version for which there is no template, or if you want to delete the project version independently of the template, use your own archiving run. For more information, see the Configuration Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace under Installation and Upgrade Guides mySAP Business Suite Solutions mySAP PLM in the section entitled “Archiving”.           



       1.      Open a project version.

       2.      Choose Delete.

       3.      Confirm the confirmation prompt.


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